Client Testimonials

Kind words from those who have worked with me 

I started a 5 day course with Sue in October 2018 and I found her excellent if I hadn't known better I would have thought she had been doing it for a while.  I signed up with Sue when I was feeling a bit trapped and felt like people were taking advantage of me and my kindness and me living on my own and thought I needed to make some changes but wasn't really sure how.  I had had some counselling which had helped but felt I needed to follow that up with something else and I thought I would support Sue in her new venture as well.  I have experienced huge personal shifts within myself.  I feel more confident and feel I have a lot more tools to put things into action.  I feel more at peace with myself and I do things for myself that bring me joy not what pleases others.  I have learnt to say no more and I am stepping outside my comfort zone more.  I personally like Sue as a mentor because she has experienced a lot of things in her life and has worked her way through a lot of stuff and I can see what a wonderful person she is.  I liked the way she pushed me out of my comfort zone and it feels good to achieve different things in life.  I would highly recommend her to people and hope she continues on with this.

Margaret M

Sue is a kind, nurturing soul that is with you every step of the way.  Working with Sue will provide you incredible insight into who you are and who you can become ... and of course there are LOTS of laughs along the way. Definitely recommend Sue!

Jo G