Why you need 'Self Love Sunday'

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Self love Sunday, the day of the week where you get to consciously do something just for yourself, because you deserve it. You don’t need to justify it, just do it.

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In the last few years there’s been such a push to do more, to achieve more, to have more, that it seems to me, it’s swung too far.

Since when wsas taking care of yourself a bad thing?

I know this first hand, putting myself last so often, for so long, that I burnt myself out and got really sick. 😞

Why do the lessons have to be so dramatic for us to learn? Because we aren’t listening.

We aren’t listening to the weekly tension headaches, we aren’t listening to the knot in the stomach, we aren’t listening to all the sniffles we get. We just aren’t LISTENING!!

So now I’m listening!!

I’m taking the time every Sunday, and sometimes more often than that, and I’m recharging my soul.

Remeber these simple things ✨Do what makes you happy ✨Do what lifts you up ✨ Do what recharges your battery ✨Listen and do, your body will love you back

#live #laugh #love

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