We think we have time...

We act like we'll have plenty of time, I'm not living where I want to be, but there's plenty of time to move. I'm in a job I hate, but I'll find my passion later. I really want to travel, but I can do that later in life.

In the mean time, we are running around exisiting in a mundane way, when really, we want to be doing something amazing. So what is it that's holding us back from achieving all of that? Is it bad luck? Is it circumstances, lack of funds, time, location, support? Or is it really about fear? Fear of failing, fear of trying, fear of what people might think?

All of the above have one thing in common - You!

Your mindset, the inner voice that tells you your not good enough, clever enough, strong enough, whatever it is that keeps on playing inside your head. It's what's holding you back from being everything you've ever dreamed of, unless you dreamed of being a unicorn, with that one you're on your own, but seriously, who turned up the volume on that inner mean voice?

It's time to leave that voice behind, because regret is a big old ugly ass pill to swallow, so flush it away right now, start working towards your dreams, start with a little one, see how it feels, how you can manifest it, what it would look like.....

It's a Beautiful thing, putting plans in motion, seeing them fly. It's one of my greatest joys, watching clients have lightbulb moments, seeing the shift in perception, reading the progress, I am truly blessed to support and guide those on their journeys of self discovery and love of life.

So use your time wisely, don't wait, life's too short to be unhappy, fear is just the emotion that tells you you're about to grow.

Sue x x

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