Do I Have To Do It All?

Well my simple answer to that question is, Hell No!

Ok, so there is more to it than that, right. The point I'm trying to make is that we get caught up in this bloody treadmill trying to be everything to everyone all at the same time and frankly, it's exhausting! It's also just a huge waste of time.

Here's the thing, the more you do for others, the more they expect you to do and the less they appreciate the sacrifices you've been making behind the scenes. Now ok, not everyone takes you for granted, but it sure does feel like it some days.

It's like that old saying (can I just add in here, I don't know what the actual saying is) about the swan gliding gracefully across the water, looking beautiful and like its super easy, but below the waterline, those webbed feet are going hell for leather keeping her moving. People see the outside, not what's happening behind the scenes, or in this case under the water.

So it's about showing up and being authentic for you. If you're already in overwhelm mode because you've got so much going on and the school rings up and asks you to make four cakes for their fundraiser (does this still happen?), it's perfectly fine to say No. You don't have to justify it, they don't need to know the reasons why, because you've done your bit when you could.

Give yourself permission to say NO every now and then. You'll be happier, the people around you will know you have boundaries and you'll save yourself a lot of stress.

Try it, you might like it....

Live, Laugh, Love

Sue x x

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