6 week 



Breakthrough program

Love Your Life

Starts: 3 March 2020

Are you ready to release the Fear that's holding you back from achieving your goals?


Are you wanting to live a life immune to criticism and judgement?


Are you ready to meet the next level version of You?


Are you tired of putting yourself last in your own life?


Are you ready to identify your limiting beliefs and get rid of them?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to personally invite you on a spiritual journey that has been designed specifically for people just like you. So join me and other like-minded souls and give yourself permission to love and honour you and invest in your own journey. After all, don't you deserve it?



What is the 'Love Your Life' Program?

Love Your Life is a 6 week intense group coaching program dedicated to empowering you to live a life of pure potential, boost your self belief and bring a sense of Joy back into your life.


Love Your Life will let you break through your limiting beliefs and uncover exactly what action you need to take to create the life you’ve always wanted. This is done in a loving environment with an exclusive small group of like minded people, who are all sharing the same journey of self discovery and a life of endless possibilities.


This takes work and you must be ready, and I mean really ready, to do the work, to go within and answer the hard questions, to bring out your hidden demons and banish them for good, to create a loving relationship with yourself, to be the best version of You, every single day and to learn how to turn down that inner critic, the one thing that most people struggle with on a daily basis.


I will teach you how to overcome the burdens that society or you have placed on yourself, and guide you through the processes of overcoming the emotional blocks and barriers that may have held you back in the past. We all have experiences and emotional blocks that have damaged our self worth and shattered our confidence, that may have left you questioning who you really are, but we don’t have to carry those burdens with us any longer and let them dictate our future or control us emotionally.


It’s time to put you first! When was the last time you made yourself a priority? Well that time is here and now. It’s time to reignite your spark, to take the journey of self discovery and find your passion.


Love Your Life Breakthrough Programme will provide you with the tools, strategies and positive mindset to create your dream life and open up the passion for life you thought you’d lost. Over the course of the 6 week programme, we will identify what is needed and help each other to grow.


Love Your Life Breakthrough Program is a loving and supportive online community and I’m sure you will make friends along this journey. By signing up to Love Your Life, you’ll be given the opportunity to build real connections with like minded spiritual people in the Facebook Community and private membership site, where we all keep each other on track and help you stay motivated and accountable.

Is this program right for me? 


Imagine a version of you that has no doubt in yourself.

A version of you that is ready and willing to take action.

A version of you that knows where your boundaries are.

A version of you that has a healthy relationship with yourself.

A version of you that believes in your worth.


So If you're ready, I mean really ready to say YES and make YOU a priority and join me in this exclusive program.


Be EXCITED to break free from the old version of you

Be OPEN to coaching and willing to do the work

CREATE the life you've only dreamed of

"The difference between who you are

and what you want, is what you do"

- Bill Phillips

Core Training Areas

Stones of Meaning


Underwater Dive



Romantic Sunset


Hipster Bride


Deep in Thought
Heart Graffiti


Breakthrough Program Packages

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Starts: 3 March 2020




- Online Coaching Program

- Live weekly Group Coaching Calls (Via Zoom)

- 24/7 Access to a supportive and loving Facebook group

- Access to a private Membership site

- Weekly worksheets


 But wait there's more...


- 30 minute 1:1 follow up call after the Program

- A community of like minded people


$400 upfront / $600 payment plan

What's included?

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly Worksheets

Closed Membership Site

Private Facebook Group


$600 upfront / $800 payment plan

What's included?

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly Worksheets

Closed Membership Site

Private Facebook Group


 3 x Private 1:1 Coaching Calls


$800 upfront / $1000 payment plan

What's included?

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly Worksheets

Closed Membership Site

Private Facebook Group


6 x Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

Payment plans are available.  If you require this service please CLICK HERE to discuss prior to selcting a program option above.

Want to find out more? 


If you are super keen but just want to clarify a few things before you commit, simply click the below button to schedule a FREE call with me to discuss the program and why it has the power to transform your life in just 6 weeks!







Live Authentically


Laugh Every Day


Love Yourself First


You are enough. Never forget that.