Sue Norrish


I am a coach that infuses humour into my life and sessions to help people renew their relationship with themselves, to treat themselves with kindness and to help them with their internal battles that will ultimately lead them to love themselves again.

As the great-grandchild of a renowned Maori healer, I displayed psychic abilities from a very young age and throughout my life was taught/used various spiritual tools for navigating life and healing others. 


In my early years however I found myself trapped in an unrelenting cycle of fear, anxiety, and depression resulting in a constant struggle with knowing who I was and what my purpose was.  I was filled with anger and self-doubt which turned me into a people pleaser and affected my relationships on all levels.


I knew I would never be able to truly help others find peace within themselves until I found it myself, so I knew I had to take action. After deep soul searching I finally found the courage to seek help and decided to invest in myself and completed a 5-year spiritual development program.   This decision changed my life dramatically - I not only found myself but also made the real connections with people I had always been longing for.  


Since then I have mastered and diversified my craft to become a global self-development and mindset coach, healer and psychic.  I support people on their quest who are looking for guidance in their life & assistance in overcoming the challenges they've been facing.


Through my signature support online program and 1:1 Coaching, I give people a new understanding of health, relationships, spiritual & emotional well being. Changing peoples lives as they continue to grow and learn.


"I am on a mission to help people find themselves, believe in themselves
and to treat themselves with kindness and love. I don't want another person
to feel how I felt, to believe what I believed and to be as defeated as I was."


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“Sue is a kind, nurturing soul that is with you every step of the way. Working with Sue will provide you incredible insight into who you are and who you can become ... and of course there are LOTS of laughs along the way.
recommend Sue.”

- Jo G

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